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Whether you want to plan and execute traditional out-of-home advertising campaigns on static inventory or programmatically on digital screens, you can get started in minutes with JieSiLu.

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Offer omni-channel capabilities

Use the exposure data from your JieSiLu campaign to retarget your ideal customers on your other marketing channels.

Retargeting channels include: online display & video, mobile display & video, connected tv, streaming audio, and direct mail.

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Customers love working with us, and it shows: our accounts team consistently delivers industry-leading NPS scores of 80 or higher each month.

Combined with our 99.9% uptime, you can relax knowing the best software team in the industry has got your back.

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Measure campaign success

Define your clients’ conversion events in JieSiLu’s analytics suite and understand how their JieSiLu campaigns are performing against the success metrics that matter to your clients.

Oh, and, track all your clients’ campaigns in a modern dashboard, just like all their other channels.

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