Identify & track AdScreen exposures

AdScreen aggregates anonymized, opt-in, high quality app-sourced location data, and combines it with information about the AdScreen units in your campaign to determine which location events count as an exposure.

What about the sample rate? Are the results significant? Most campaigns generate thousands of exposures with sample rates starting at 1% and exposure conversion rates ranging from 0.1% to 5%. The sample rates are frequently more than sufficient for measuring the total population with confidence.
Identify & track representation
Directly attribute online & offline events representation

Directly attribute online & offline events

Attribution is crucial for marketing. Which units performed better than others? What insights can I use to optimize and improve outcomes over time?

AdScreen has the industry’s only in-flight, real-time performance dashboard powered by multiple integrations covering every online and offline KPI, including in-store foot traffic and sales, app events and online attribution.

Measure and track performance KPIs such as attributed conversions, exposure conversion rate and frequency of exposure before conversion.

Run targeted lift studies to understand your true ROI

AdScreen’s analytics team brings years of experience in marketing lift analysis, and takes a rigorous approach built on high-fidelity buckets of exposed (Treatment) and unexposed (Control) populations.

The result: our targeted lift analysis frequently results in 2–4x higher lift compared to traditional geo-based measurement.
Target lift studies for ROI representation
Multi Channel Dashboard representation

Use AdScreen data to power multi-channel marketing

With AdScreen, marketers can use the exposure data from their AdScreen campaign to target and purchase media on other channels, including online display & video, mobile display & video, connected tv, streaming audio, and direct mail.


  • Direct Response

    • SMS

      Direct Response SMS

      Use an SMS short-code to setup a direct response campaign. Track results on our integrated dashboard.

    • QRCode

      Direct Response QR Codes

      Run ads with QR codes that take users to your site or mobile app. Track scans and attribute them to specific units.

  • Halo Effect

    • Google Ads

      Google Ads

      Measure geo-located lift in clickthrough rate and conversion rate to determine if AdScreen ads improved the performance of your digital ads.

    • Facebook Ads

      Facebook Ads Performance

      Measure geo-located lift in clickthrough rate and conversion rate to determine if AdScreen ads improved the performance of your digital ads.

  • Attribution Reporting

    • Online Attribution Reporting

      Online Attribution Reporting

      Attribute online traffic/events to your AdScreen exposures.

    • In-store Attribution Reporting

      In-store Attribution Reporting

      Attribute brick-and-morter events to your AdScreen exposures.

    • App Attribution Reporting

      App Attribution Reporting

      Attribute app installs/events to your AdScreen exposures.

  • Lower funnel measurement

    • Lift Studies

      Online Lift Studies

      Measure incremental leads or sales from your AdScreen campaign.

    • Traffic Lift Studies

      Foot Traffic Lift Studies

      Measure incremental foot traffic from your AdScreen campaign.

    • App Lift Studies

      App Lift Studies

      Measure incremental app installs/events from your AdScreen campaign.

    • Casual Lift Analysis

      We use Bayesian structural time series to analyze historical patterns and build a prediction of its future course, allowing us to compare with what actually happened.

  • Upper funnel measurement

    • Survey Lift Studies

      Survey Lift Studies

      Reach out to your AdScreen representative to set up your brand awareness survey.

    • User-targeted Survey

      Track lift between users that were exposed to your ads, and to a look-alike control group of users in the same market that was not exposed.

    • General Market Survey

      Track lift in aided and unaided awareness in the AdScreen markets compared to control markets.


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