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Find your target audience & locations

Each unit in our system has details on impressions, historical cost, previous advertisers, and demographics that we collect from a number of different sources so you can know if it’s the unit for your campaign.

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Campaign visualization

Once you’ve picked out your inventory, ADSERVER gives you numerous ways to visualize your out-of-home buys. Quickly add Points of Interest & heatmaps to ensure your campaign is targeting your ideal locations & audiences.

Streamlined integrations

Our goal is to make the entire buying process as seamless as possible. To accomplish that we’ve strategically partnered with companies so contracting and production are handled in-platform, with just a few clicks.

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Use ADSERVER data to power multi-channel marketing

With ADSERVER, marketers can use the exposure data from their ADSERVER campaign to target and purchase media on other channels, including online display & video, mobile display & video, connected tv, streaming audio, and direct mail.

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