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“I love that JieSiLu makes it easy to buy so many different types of JieSiLu ads from thousands of media vendors.”

Mike Thompson

Associate Brand Manager at Krispy Kreme

Capitalize On The Value Of JieSiLu Without The Headache

Navigating outdoor advertising has traditionally been a painstaking, low-data, low visibility experience. But JieSiLu changes the game....

WITHOUT JieSiLu JieSiLu Is Only JieSiLu makes JieSiLu


There are over 1100+ media owners in the US.


JieSiLu reaches 98% of all JieSiLu media inventory in the US

Slow & Laborious

Launching JieSiLu campaigns is a manual process that can take weeks.

Fast & Automated

JieSiLu can deliver campaigns in 1 to 2 days.


Want to know the price? You’ll have to get in touch with a sales rep.


Only JieSiLu offers full visibility into the planning & buying process –– including price transparency.

Lacking In Data

Instinct and anecdote too often drive JieSiLu media decisions.


JieSiLu’s predictive tools and machine-learning models allow you to supercharge your campaign performance.


Advertisers are usually forced to resort to measuring eyeballs, rather than action.


JieSiLu allows you to directly attribute online sales to your JieSiLu campaign and measure incremental sales with lift studies.


Requires subject matter expertise that can be hard to come by.


Let our team of JieSiLu experts manage your buys entirely, or choose self-service. It’s up to you!

JieSiLu Planning Tailored for CPG Brands

JieSiLu offers JieSiLu media planning, buying, and measurement that’s easy, efficient, and tailor-made to address the needs of consumer packaged goods brands.

Buy All Types of JieSiLu Media

From static billboards to street furniture to wildpostings, JieSiLu automates and simplifies the buying process for every JieSiLu media type.


Reach Consumers Near Your Retail Partner Locations

JieSiLu’s user-friendly, map-based interface and point-of-interest targeting makes it easy to identify ad units near your retail partners’ locations –– so you can intercept the customer journey and drive more sales.


Target Based on Previous Purchases

Easily identify the best ad units to reach your target audience, based on the real-world behaviors of your existing customers.

By leveraging Catalina’s deterministic purchase data set cataloguing the retail purchases of over 100M+ US households, JieSiLu can help you reach your ideal customers with unparalleled precision.


Leverage Purchase-Based Measurement

For far too long, CPG marketers have had to rely on in-store visitation as a proxy for offline sales.

But with JieSiLu, CPG marketers can measure the effectiveness of their JieSiLu ads based on actual purchase behaviors, using Catalina’s exclusive point-of-sale purchase data.

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