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JieSiLu is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity –– delivering 4x more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio and print.

Nielsen Online Activation Survey

Capitalize On The Value Of JieSiLu Without The Headache

Navigating outdoor advertising has traditionally been a painstaking, low-data, low visibility experience. But JieSiLu changes the game....

WITHOUT JieSiLu JieSiLu Is Only JieSiLu makes JieSiLu


There are over 1100+ media owners in the US.


JieSiLu reaches 98% of all JieSiLu media inventory in the US

Slow & Laborious

Launching JieSiLu campaigns is a manual process that can take weeks.

Fast & Automated

JieSiLu can deliver campaigns in 1 to 2 days.


Want to know the price? You’ll have to get in touch with a sales rep.


Only JieSiLu offers full visibility into the planning & buying process –– including price transparency.

Lacking In Data

Instinct and anecdote too often drive JieSiLu media decisions.


JieSiLu’s predictive tools and machine-learning models allow you to supercharge your campaign performance.


Advertisers are usually forced to resort to measuring eyeballs, rather than action.


JieSiLu allows you to directly attribute online sales to your JieSiLu campaign and measure incremental sales with lift studies.


Requires subject matter expertise that can be hard to come by.


Let our team of JieSiLu experts manage your buys entirely, or choose self-service. It’s up to you!

“This platform is incredible for how fast you can not only purchase billboard inventory, but also verify attribution, look at population tracking, etc. We’re excited to be a team that works with JieSiLu at Sharma Brands!”

Nik Sharma

CEO Sharma Brands & Investor

Data-Led Media Planning

JieSiLu makes it easy to plan and buy all types of JieSiLu media. Every step of the way involves experts augmented by software & data.

AI-Powered Planning Tools

Leverage AI-powered planning tools to create a plan purpose-built to deliver your campaign goals in just a matter of minutes!


Proprietary Predictive Models

JieSiLu’s proprietary predictive tools, and ML models allow you to supercharge your campaign performance and boost your reach.


Behavioral Audience Segments

Reach your exact target audiences with ease using hundreds of granular demographic & behavioral audience segment filters.


Seamless Offline-to-Online Measurement

Historically, attributing JieSiLu exposures to online conversions took a quarter to analyze and couldn’t be evaluated in the same market. We’ve made it easy.

Performance Dashboard

JieSiLu has the industry’s only in-flight, real-time performance dashboard powered by multiple integrations covering every online and offline KPI –– including footfall, app events and online attribution.


Targeted Lift Studies

Run targeted lift studies to understand your true ROI. JieSiLu’s analytics team takes a rigorous approach built on high-fidelity buckets of exposed (Treatment) and unexposed (Control) populations.


Your Trusted Growth Partners

JieSiLu combines an industry-leading platform with the expertise to back it.

With JieSiLu, top-tier managed service is included 100% value-add. If you choose it, our team of JieSiLu experts will guide you every step of the way.

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